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Here you can find the latest news and information about Kawerau's newest community radio station, our mission, the programme schedule, and what we do.

We are dedicated to actively promoting our cause and to providing you with relevant information at Galaxy 107 FM.

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             Congratulations to Johnathan Penrose

                 from Bishopdale Christchurch

Winner of One Ugly Cowboys New EP "Get Yer Ugly On".




     Coming Events In The Bay Of Plenty!!!.



Join DJ Grant and the crew of Galaxy 107fm in Cambridge on the 11th November for the release of "BREAKAWAY ".


In our Gallery, you'll find pictures of Galaxys family. These are the stars of today and the superstars of tomorrow. Enjoy!!.


Galaxy 107fm is proud to Premier this new video from The Nickel Slots, "This Old Guitar". Thank you Guys!!!!.


Its Coming Floks. Yes Christmas is yet fast coming upon us once more so lets get in the mood with The Nickel Slots

              New X Mas Track. Enjoy!!!!


Coming To Galaxy For Interviews This Month.

                 Today live to air with DJ Grant


                The Frankel Sisters 20/10/2017.


                         Marsall Jones. 19/10/2017


               Sothern Halo. 10/10/2017.



                 Gibson Cage. 22/09/2017  Take 1.


                    Gibson Cage 22/09/2017 Take 2. 


                      Jake Clayton. 20/09/2017. 

                                     The Cavalry.


            Tristan Jackson from the band. 

                      The Cavalry!!!. 19/09/2017.


               Modern Day Poets. 18/09/2017 


                         Say Hey!!! 

               One Ugly Cowboy 12/09/2017.



                   Shane Henry 09/09/2017.

                     Promo Galaxy 107fm.

             Assembly Required prom. 06/09/2017.

                       As we are promo. 04/09/2017.

                      Will Ardell .29/08/2017.


                          Justin Dukes. 25/08/2017.


                 Kings Of Spade 23/08/2017.

                                         Sarah Dunn




       Kelsey Coan & The Kelsey Coan Band 18/08/2017.



  House Of Lords. Jimi Bell Promo 17/08/17.


               O M G This happened on the 09/08/2017.


A Huge THANK YOU to Stephanie Urbina Jones for her interview with DJ Grant here at Galaxy 107 fm. We will be putting the interview up in Galaxy Artist Interviews tomorrow 16/08/2017.


                                               Take 1.



                                               Take 2. 

       Coming Soon!!!.    Motley Crue. 

Galaxy 107fm is excited to announce that Motley Crue are Coming for an interview with DJ Grant. Keep watching this site for details. 





Exciting News!!!!.  Brad Darrid is coming back to Galaxy to Premier his new track "Take Me There"to the world with DJ Grant. Stay Tuned!!!.


                             Coming This Month.


                                     Mike Le Blanc. 


                              The Rivertown Saints. 


                                The Highway Women



                                           I Am They.


                                 Soul Circus Cowboys.


Southern Halo. Please Watch this vid!!!.


                                     Coming In October!!! 


                                        Little Big Town.

                                     Florida Georgia Line. 

                                         Diamond Dixie. 


                                      Pretty Reckless. 


                                          Jon Pardi.


                                  Lady Antebellum.